Why are we here?

This is the Qwik Zone from Nomaz. The Qwik Zone is a framework for hosting a number of mainly small and largely independent information pages and websites. These may be for private groups or for public consumption. Some use the qwkzit wiki-style software which provides the option of on-line content editing from an Internet browser.

Typically, access to sub-sites will be via links such as qwkz.uk/our_site or our_site.qwkz.uk

Publicly accessible sub-sites include

Use of the qwkz.uk framework is at the discretion of Nomaz - contact richard at nomaz dot co dot uk  Generally, only groups perceived as potentially beneficial to the community at large will be helped in this way. Charges may apply.

qwkz.uk sub-sites may be hosted by Nomaz or elsewhere. This website is hosted on Nomaz server ref. 205, a Raspberry Pi.